PURPOSE: To provide a space where Missionary Moms can share their ideas of what they are doing to sustain their missionaries while in the field. Material shared should be positive and within LDS standards. By responding to this page you give permission for your material to be shared. Please share your ideas with us.

Here are some of our ideas:

TIME BOX: Twenty four months can seem long or short depending on what is happening in your life. As something for our family to look forward to, we decided to bury a time box. For our time box, each member of our family wrote their predictions on where they and other members of the family would be in two years. Some included goals they would like to achieve in the next 24 months, pictures of family members, charts with height and weight, favorite foods, favorite things to do, etc. We included in the box favorite things of our missionary, like Basketball cards, books, etc. We also included a newspaper of the day he entered the MTC. Our plan was to have a big family gathering and all of us bury this box. Our family being large it took us longer than we expected to gather information, so our Missionary dug the hole, (which we have pictures of) and we celebrated a family gathering by burying it. In Twenty Four months we will see what has remained the same and what changes have taken place.

SCRIPTURE A MONTH: Our family has a newsletter that is published periodically. (I would like it to be monthly) We include in the newsletter a Spiritual thought, or Scripture that we all cut out and put on our fridge for the month. As we read this thought or scripture it helps to bring us close, knowing that all of us are learning the same scripture or thought.

TWENTY FOUR MONTHS: Similar to the Twelve Days of Christmas. Trying to be creative. We chose to send a package a month to our missionary. It doesn't have to be big.
The message goes: On the First Month of my Mission my family sent to me, a package of candy SPREE.

WALL SPACE: On a prominent wall in our home, we made space to share missionary life. We have a map of where our missionary is serving, a picture of the missionary, a clock that gives us the time where he is. We post letters, pictures as they come, etc. It helps to keep him in our thoughts.

SCRAPBOOK: We purchased a 3 ring binder and some plastic holder pages so that we could begin a scrapbook for our missionary. Easier to start in the beginning than to get caught up.

WARD MISSION NEWS: We are fortunate to have about 4 missionaries in the field right now, with the prospect of 7 within the year. These missionaries were great friends and have the desire to keep in touch. They will be writing to each other as they can, but in between times we publish a Ward Mission News. The missionary writes to his family each week, and sometime during the month he may include a message to one of the missionaries that would be included in the newsletter.

YOUR IDEAS: Take a look at some of your ideas we've received so far.